A message from the owners

The Burner Restaurant & Lounge has closed its Malakwa location as of April 2015.exterior

We would like to say a big Thank you to all our loyal customers during our operation from 2009 Р2015.

We were able to turn a dying bar into an award winning Family Restaurant gaining national recognition when featured on You Gotta Eat Here! on The Food Network.

After a lengthy legal battle with the property owner we were unable to maintain our location in Malakwa. We plan on reopening in the future at a new location outside of Malakwa.

We are aware that there are new operators of our former location in Malakwa. We wish them well in their endeavours as The Burner Grille, but encourage them to not represent themselves at The Burner Restaurant & Lounge as they do not own nor represent our company. We take our credentials, awards and national recognition for The Burner Restaurant & Lounge with us.

Those that know us will know what was sacrificed to create The Burner Restaurant & Lounge and to make it a success. Thank you again to everyone that supported us!